Uzma Bozai - Fashion For Good: Our Charitable Donations and Collaborations

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Modern Fashion, Ancient Skills

Behind our fun and colourful sweatshirts, there is a serious, conscious and ethical commitment to supporting embroidery communities on the inside.

We believe in quality over quantity

Our limited edition 100% cotton sweatshirts are produced in small runs by traditional artisans. Each one is meticulously hand embellished using thousands of beads and finished by skilled Karigars taking up to 15 hours to create.

We believe in preservation not destruction

Our sweatshirts are handcrafted using the same ancient techniques that were used centuries ago in the Mughal Empire. These traditional techniques use hands not machines, thus reducing their carbon footprint considerably. We hope we can preserve this beautiful art form for future generations to enjoy for centuries to come.

We believe in longevity over brevity.

Uzma Bozai sweatshirts are designed to be treasured heirlooms that can be enjoyed then passed down. Each sweatshirt is supplied with replacement beads to extend their lifespan.

We believe in beauty not cruelty.

When you wear an Uzma Bozai sweatshirt you can be confident in the knowledge that the artisans that sew on every one of the thousands of beads are paid a fair price, receive equal employment rights and have safe working conditions.

We’re committed to making our fashion do good so you can feel good every time you wear an Uzma Bozai sweatshirt!

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