Uzma Bozai - Make Your Own Thanksgiving Table Setting

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Make Your Own Thanksgiving Table Setting

Design your Thanksgiving table with Uzma Bozai

Setting the scene for her Thanksgiving celebrations, Uzma shares her step by step guide on how she creates the ultimate table setting for a beautiful get together.
With layers of festive ferns and winter squash, this stunning table setting creates a theme perfect for any winter celebration.



  • Fresh Ferns
  • Your favourite china – layer up patterns or mix and match to make it your own.
  • Winter squash in all shapes and sizes (perfect to whip up into a soup or pie after the event!)
  • Heavy candles in glass jars or hurricane lamps.
  • Pinecones and autumn leaves.
  • Linen napkins and napkin rings.
  • Handmade paper.

Create a Thanksgiving table setting with a natural theme


  • Grab the kids and head outside to find pinecones, ferns and pretty autumn leaves. The fern will make the base for the table setting, so choose the best you can find. (You might want to give it a rinse before starting to lay the table!!)
  • The assembly is a joy and can be as simple or intricate¬†as you like. You could get the whole family involved… if you’re not a perfectionist, but for those of you who like it just so, this is the perfect excuse to take some time for yourself and really get creative.
  • Layer the fern through the centre of the table in place of a table runner, and then place your candles which will be the building blocks of the display.
  • Next, add the squash. Choose brightly coloured squash of all different shapes and sizes and place between the candles – to create the wow effect, make sure you fill the centre of the table from end to end.

Create a stunning thanksgiving table setting with Uzma bozai

  • Scatter around the pinecones and anything else – we added walnuts which is a great festive touch.
  • Lay up your plates for all savoury courses to create interesting layers and then add a thanksgiving touch with a hand written note – I’m thankful for… your guests can write what they’re thankful for and you can read them out over dessert. A mini squash creates the perfect paperweight to keep the handmade paper in place.
  • Next add your napkins – since I was young we’ve always folded our napkins to create¬†turkey tail’s… here’s how we do it.

  1. Fold the napkin leaving 1.5 inch space
  2. Fold the bottom up, again leaving 1.5 in space from the last fold.
  3. From the left side, fold in 1.5inches, then fold again in the other direction until you have created an accordion style fold.
  4. Add a simple napkin ring to the bottom and fan out the top – there you have it – a turkey tail inspired napkin!


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