Uzma Bozai - Field Day in London's Vic Park

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Field Day in London’s Vic Park

Next weekend will see London’s historic Victoria Park transformed into a multi-stage festival, Field Day. Acts include legendary musicians like Patti Smith, as well as underground favourites like Caribou. Tasteful food trucks will be plenty, and home brewed beers will be flowing. Taking place in the iconic East London, the crowd will bound to feature some of the best dressed cool kids in town. Here’s our festival guide on who to see, what to where, and as always, what to eat!

The 70s New York style icon, singer-songwriter, poet and artist Patti Smith is a continuous inspiration to us. Not only do we keep Just Kids closeby as daily creative motivation, her classic 1975 album Horses holds a special part in our hearts and has accompanied us through the good times and the bad. Needless to say, we’re more than excited to catch her at Field Day while she performs the entirety of Horses.

Multi instrumentalist and Bohemian sweetheart Mac DeMarco will bound to be banging out poppy tunes with his band, so find a nice patch of lush grass, put on your sunnies and lie back to enjoy their laid-back guitar daydream.

When your stomach starts rumbling from all the dancing, head over to our favourite food picks. Bleecker Street Burger serves up delicious medium rare patties drenched with melted cheese, salad and brioche buns. The Churro Bros will satisfy your sweet tooth with its delectable fried donut drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, and wash down your meal with a single-origin, loose leaf red and gold oolong tea from Good & Proper Tea.

Our Azam Dress is an easy, throw on, cotton dress that will keep you cool and pair perfectly with those summer sandals you’ve been waiting to show off. Pair it with the double-loop Hiva necklace! Our Ana T is the perfect shade of Tarragon that will look great over classic denim shorts silk trousers, and appropriate under the festival sun. Take the Jala Clutch for a colourful finishing touch!

Underground legend Caribou will be creating the best vibe with his set at Field Day. Full of ambient, soul-vibrating electronic beats with beautiful melodies and chords, the talented composer is not to be missed!

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