Uzma Bozai - People Profile: Maddie Chesterton & Baar and Bass

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People Profile: Maddie Chesterton & Baar and Bass

In People Profile, we feature the inspirational individuals in our sphere. This time round: Baar and Bass.

The lifestyle boutique on King’s Road in Chelsea, Baar and Bass, are one of our favourite spots in London. Not only do they stock our collections, the owner Maddie Chesterton is a constant inspiration to us. Her taste for aesthetics—boho chic meets high end designer and luxury vintage—and eye for eccentric art and furniture amazes us every time. Buying from all over the world, the store gives customers a chance to find something new and unique each time they visit, so they can compile their own collections to reflect their individual style and personality. Maddie has been known to travel to Sri Lanka, where she picked up a weighty, onyx, eagle phone and motorbiked it back to add to the current collection in Baar and Bass. That’s dedication! As she says, “For me, it was just a place I could keep all of my collections and express my creativity. Baar & Bass is an accumulation of all of this. My love for furniture, art, set design and fashion.” We’re very excited for their first birthday, coming up soon, and cannot wait to see what they have installed for the many years to come!

You can find pieces from our SS15 collection from Baar and Bass, 336 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UR, UK.

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