Uzma Bozai - Marrakech

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Not so secret celebrity haunt, foodie and magpie haven, its easy to understand why this is hands down one of my favourite cities in the world. Whether you go for a long weekend or a week’s getaway I guarantee you will be longing to come back.

Here’s whats not to miss…

Day 1:

Bahia Palace

Wander from courtyard to courtyard surrounded by pattern, colour and inspiration. Arrive early before the crowds and you can sit in the citrus gardens or fountain courtyard soaking up the rays.

(Grab lunch at a rooftop eatery and head on to Palais El Badii just on the other side of the square)

Palais El Badii

El Badi means The Incomparable Palace. The oldest palace in Morroco it was reputed to be the most beautiful in the World, decorated with gold, ivory, marble and semi-precious stones. Now left in ruins by war, it is still easy to imagine the grandeur that once was. Climb the muslim staircase and take in views across the old city and close your eyes and be king of the castle for just a moment!

Caleches – horse drawn carriage

Finish off the day with an early evening gallop through the winding alleys of the medina and around the palace walls. Perfect way to end a day imagining life as a royal.


Day 2:


Arrive at 12:00 when the souks open and you’ll be able to haggle the best bargains (the first sale of the day is supposed to be lucky). Word of warning, the prices you’ll be quoted will seem astronomical, if you fall in love with something negotiate hard.

Café Des Epices/Nomad

Wander through the souks and head to one of these amazing cafes. The food is inspired and the views are breathtaking. (Download the Marrakech City Walks app and it will guide you through the myriad of alleyways without the need of a guide, or data.)

Les Bains de Marrakech Maroc

No visit to Morocco is complete without a hammam experience and Les Bains doesn’t disappoint. Gentle hands that leave you relaxed and glistening all over. Don’t forget your bikini and leave enough time to get the oil out of your hair before heading out to dinner (unlike what I did!)


Day 3

Jardin Majorelle

Cacti galore. Sit and stare and calm your senses. Easy to see why these gardens were such an oasis for the great YSL. Head here early or late to avoid the crowds and get the best snaps.

(On your way out check out the trendy boutiques lining the entrance to the gardens)

Jnane Tamsna

Stay here if you can and you will be welcomed into the Tamsna family. Meryanne is a well known figure in Marrakesh and draws a crowd. In the few days we stayed here, we partied with A list celebrities at the couples New Year’s Eve party and dined with musicians, fashion designers and actresses.

The estate is open to non-guests for lunch which you can enjoy in the gardens that have been lovingly created by ethno-botanist Gary the other half of the Tamsna duo.

(Ring Jnane Tamsna to book lunch and they will happily arrange a camel ride from the hotel as well)

Palmeraie sunset camel ride

An enchanting experience and chance to view the magnificent palm groves on these incredible creatures (Beyonce, my camel and I became firm friends).






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