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Les Assorties

We’re so thrilled to be featured on the Les Assorties blog today.
Featuring an interview with Uzma about why she launched chose to launch an ethical fashion brand, the highs and lows of having a start up brand and whats next on the horizon for Uzma Bozai….

Uzma Bozai’s fascinating cultural background was only the starting point; her family roots extend to India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Uzma was spending summers as a kid becoming acquainted with ancient traditions and techniques and of embroidering, dyeing and embellishing. After working with international aid organizations in London, and witnessing the crafts she grew up with dying out in favor of fast fashion, she decided it was the right time to jump into action. Teaming up with a group of talented textile and print designers led by Emma Avery – whose portfolio includes Erdem and Jonathan Sanders – her namesake brand was born in 2012. Today, the label includes a full womenswear – with the personalized bomber jacket being an instant hit with the British press – and accessories line. We sat down with Uzma to discuss reviving ancient-old craftsmanship, the meaning of ethical fashion and designing kidswear in the future.


To read the full interview, click here….

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