Uzma Bozai - Five Minutes with Rosemin Ratanshi

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Five Minutes with Rosemin Ratanshi

On her recent visit to Dubai, Uzma met with Rosemin Ratanshi at the House of Bazaar Garden Party to talk about all things fashion and being a strong and influential woman working in the Middle East.

After a lengthy career working in London and Milan for leading luxury houses including Gucci and Tom Ford, Rosemin recognized the opportunity for global luxury brands to make a name for themselves in the crowded market of the Middle East and founded her luxury management consultancy firm RR&Co. Since founding RR&Co 10 years ago, she has made a name for herself in the media working with Harpers Bazaar Arabia and as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

Uzma Bozai with Rosemin Ratanshi

What gets you out of bed in the morning (and we don’t just mean coffee!)

I want to make most of my day.  I must admit I do like my sleep, but I am definetely a ‘to do list’ kind of girl, so I like to do my best to finish all my tasks. 

 Where does your strength and sense of purpose come from?

My strength and motivation comes from my mom 100%. Even those moments when I want to complain about my day I think about her and all her challanges and obsticals she has  gone through and it puts everything into perspective for me. 

Who have been your inspirations throughout your life, and in what way?

I believe that your goal post should always being moving. Look forward because that’s the only way you are going.

There are so many goals I set and when I reached them or ‘ticked’ them off on my list I love that feeling of hunger wanting to try and do more! 

What achievements are you most proud of and why?

I wasn’t planning on moving to Dubai over 11 years ago and my company opened organically with my past bosses and former collegues trusting me with their brand. We were the first PR showroom in the region exclusive to luxury brands. During my time here I had the opportunity to have my fashion and beauty segment on TV and now I have moved into media full time.

What does the concept of Pussy Power/ Strong Women mean to you?

making choices for YOU. Not worrying about what others think but focusing on your own happiness and not having others control your happiness and peace of mind 

Do you feel that it’s important for women to support other women?

Women are so strong in nature. Emotional, Senstive and being able to multi task are all strengths 



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