Uzma Bozai - Fashion With Feeling: Jasmine Hemsley wears Uzma Bozai

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Fashion With Feeling: Jasmine Hemsley wears Uzma Bozai

We love Jasmine Hemsley’s summer style. And what makes it even better is that Jasmine is an advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion, writing about it in her Fashion With Feeling feature on her blog, so we were delighted to spot her wearing our orange sun dress last week.

To learn more about Jasmine’s Fashion with Feeling challenge, click here.

‘Conscious and sustainable fashion is a statement and now we have choice, we can use our money to vote for fashion that does not harm the environment or the people creating our clothing whilst still following trends and supporting creativity.’ Jasmine’s point of view fits perfectly with the spirit of our brand which favours social and ethical consciousness.*

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