A Day In The Fashionable Life…
Liz Nurse, Luxury Fashion Sales Agent.

With London Fashion Week just around the corner, we catch up with our sales agent Liz Nurse who tells us a little about her day showing Uzma Bozai Pre Fall and Autumn Winter ’18 to independent boutiques and luxury department store buyers.

The showroom and office is based right by Broadway Market and London Fields so I’m super lucky to be able to walk to work and not have to use the tube – the thought of commuting on the tube again gives me the hebbie-jeebies!  

I love walking through the park – perfect for dog watching, I’ll stop by on Broadway Market (if I have time!) to pick up a coffee from the Pavilion Bakery – the smell of coffee and bread is out of this world. I reluctantly walk away without one of their tasty pastries….

Into the office and check my emails, I also like to catch up on the fashion business news such as Business of Fashion and at some point in the day I’ll read up on general happenings in the fashion world, check all my favourite stores such as Browns, Dover Street, Matches, NAP – I always like to see what’s new and be aware of new designers/product launches etc. I’ll also check out our brands online and how they’re performing.

I have an appointment with The Dressing Room mid-morning where I will be showing the Uzma Bozai Pre-Fall collection inspired by the iconic Mexican artist – Frida Kahlo. I’m loving the new collection, it’s so fun (as all their collections are) and coincidently the V&A’s major fashion exhibition this year is dedicated to Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe so expect to see her everywhere! I love appointments with independents, it’s great to catch up with the owners/buyers of the independent stores. They are inspiring women who work so hard so it’s always a pleasure to be working with them.

Depending on my day I like to have a late lunch, I often head to grab a take away from La Bouche, a deli café on Broadway Market. They have the freshest, tastiest homemade salads and their cheese counter is always rammed!! I head back to the office and what do I spot along the way?? A street portrait of the one and only Frida Kahlo by the French street artist, Zabou! I instantly send this photo to Emma, the designer at Uzma Bozai.

Once back in the office it’s a varied afternoon, I have a scheduled call with a potential retailer in the Middle East – it’s not always easy for the buyers to be in London so we’ll have an initial call to go through the brand. It’s very interesting to learn of the different international markets and how they retail certain products.

Later in the afternoon I have a call with one of our brands based in NYC to discuss various updates on accounts and planning for the next sales season! When working in fashion time flies and seasons come around so quickly…I feel like we are constantly planning!

Thinking ahead to tomorrow, I’m off to Anthropologie HQ in the morning to see the buyer and show her the new Uzma Bozai collection.