Uzma Bozai - 5 minutes with presenter Pips Taylor

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5 minutes with presenter Pips Taylor

We managed to steal 5 minutes with presenter Pip Taylor to talk about how to break the media industry, her favourite tourist attractions and the strangest thing that she’s ever witnessed in London. Has anyone else ever come across a women pushing rabbits in a pram?

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UZMA BOZAI: Why did you decide to go into media and presenting? Is the lifestyle as glamorous at is seems?

PIPS: I was spotted by a producer who worked at MTV at The Big Chill Festival who I did some filming with

which made me actually think seriously about presenting as a career. I had always watched

Saturday night TV and loved it also after that festival I made a showreel, found an agent and started

working in TV Production to learn the ropes!

It does sound like a glamorous job, and parts of it can be, but with The X Factor for example its

showbiz of course but the reality is everyone works really long hours and loves it. Filming abroad or

covering events and festivals abroad for MINI and we often did 18-20 hour days- there is lots of

being patient and waiting for your interviewee to have time to speak to you- which on things like the

X factor as you can imagine the schedules are really tight.


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UZMA: Media is an extremely competitive industry with thousands of people trying to break the

industry. What would be your best piece of advice to give to those trying to start their career

within media?

PIPS: Get stuck into your role as much as possible, whether its work experience, as a runner, assistant,

intern, whatever it is and be yourself, be passionate, be flexible and be a sponge as there is always

so much to learn from every situation.


UZMA: Tell us a little about yourself! Minus your strong relationship with your work, what do you enjoy

doing in your spare time?

PIPS: I catch up with my friends and spend time with my lovely fella. I enjoy big lunches on the weekend and also cooking at home. I try and make it to yoga classes, a bit of boxing too which I love. Also, on the weekend, walking around Stoke Newington or by the canal in East London is fun .. popping to the park and then having a pint in the local pub!


UZMA: If there was only ONE tourist attraction/bar/club/restaurant in London that you were allowed to

go to for the rest of your life, where would it be and for what reason?

PIPS: Tough one as there are so many and also mood dependent on what you want.. one of my favourite

spots is Kati Roll on Poland Street I love indian food and its street food- chicek wraps- they’re

incredible try the chicken tikka masala!


UZMA: Living and working in London means that you are pretty exposed.  What is the strangest thing that

you have witnessed during your time in London?

PIPS: I once saw an eccentrically dressed woman, who was pushing around a pram full of rabbits in

Dalston… I was like.. cool- that’s London for you!

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UZMA: So, we’ve noticed you’ve got quite an audience on Instagram! What advice would you give to

those trying to get into blogging?

PIPS: I think Instagram is a wicked platform, I just think you need to be genuine and have fun with it.


UZMA: Tell me a little about your personal style. How would you describe it and what influences you

when putting an outfit together?

PIPS: I have a very electric style and I like to wear stand out pieces- often together.. which can be quite

hectic- I just throw it on – see what I can get away with and if I am really struggling and usually ask

my fashion friends.. both called Steph! One my house mate and the other Stephanie from The Style

Memo as she has great style…they’re usually very honest!


UZMA: If you could describe your perfect SS16 outfit, what would it be?

I love your bomber jackets.. It would be the red and black bomber with the matching trousers!!


UZMA: And finally, what is the one thing that you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my relationships, family, fella and friends.



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